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Pheasant City Hunting Dogs

Our Dogs

Pheasant City Lodge hunts with our own Hybrid Retrievers. Our testimonials claim they are some of the best all round hunting dogs you will ever see. Our hunting dogs are German Shorthair/ Labrador cross dogs. They are designed to point, hunt, retrieve and still be a calm family dog. You will be amazed when you hunt over these natural hunters as they track and retrieve birds in the field. Our primary goal in mind was to provide our guests with the best dogs possible, but this quickly turned into something bigger. With so many questions and requests about where our customers can get a dog, we started our breeding program Hybrid Retrievers in 2004.

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About the Breed

About the Breed

Over the years, we have always kept breeding stock that was structurally correct and naturally muscular with a great personality. Our females are medium size when compared to Labs. The stud males are very strong, correct dogs that will walk up to any stranger and lick them in the face after a couple of pats on the head. All adult breeding dogs must hunt, retrieve, and track a downed bird with no formal training. In short, our dogs have to be a LOVER and a NATURAL pheasant hunter.