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Here at Pheasant City we are blessed to have some of the world's finest natural habitat which attracts thousands of wild pheasants as well as a variety of other wildlife species. Our habitat program consists of the essential needs and balance for these species to continue to flourish year after year.

Hunting for wild ring-neck pheasants consists of an unlimited amount of food plots, grasslands, tree strips, marshes, and more. Our pheasant habitat is even more productive due to or farming practices. Each field is uniquely different and full of surprises!

Our local lakes and ponds attract thousands of ducks and geese throughout the year. Whether our guests want to harvest waterfowl or not, it is an unbelievable site to see.

Our area is also home to some of the biggest white-tail and mule deer in South Dakota. With our vast amount of habitat, hundreds of deer have found their home around Pheasant City.

When you come to visit us at Pheasant City, you will be amazed at the sunrise, sunset, and everything else in-between nature has to offer. The scenery and wildlife is something you have to come to see and believe.